How to Select a House Cleaner?

Hiring a professional house cleaner is a good idea for those who lead a busy life and find difficulty fitting house cleaning into their schedule. Professional cleaners are brisk and know the easiest way to keep your house neat and tidy. And the best thing about hiring them is you don’t have to worry about returning to an unclean house after work.
Here a rundown of tips on selecting a house cleaner:


A cleaner may be very good at the job he/she is doing. But is the cleaner good enough to clean your house the way you want? A cleaner might have experience in cleaning public stairwells and office windows. But can he/she clean your kitchen and bathroom, which requires a different sort of expertise? Interview the cleaners properly before you hire them.


Be sure of the timings do you want them to come in the mornings or in the afternoons? Do you want them to clean the house when you leave for office or you want them to do the cleaning in your presence? If the former arrangement is more convenient to you, make sure that they are reliable. After all you’ll be handing over your keys to them! Also ask whether they will be charging on hourly basis or weekly basis.


This is one area where you should not worry about the rates. While it is budget-friendly to hire a cleaner who is charging less; lower rates doesn’t always mean good quality of work. On the other hand, a cleaner who charges a little more can offer you high quality work, timely completion and satisfaction.

Tools and Disinfectants:

Ask about the kind of equipments and chemicals that the cleaners would be using.


Always hire a cleaning company that is ready to sign a contract and is insured. Hiring an insured home cleaner ensures that you will not be held responsible if they get injured while doing your job. You might end up paying compensation for no fault of your own. The company should also be registered and certified since these companies are more likely to run a background check on their employees.

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