How To Remove Shoe Dirt From Carpets?

Shoe dirt if not cleaned immediately from the carpets, then it can settle down well giving the carpet cleaning services a hard time to remove them. So you need to remember few important parameters when trying to remove the shoe dirt stain from carpets. What are they? Let us find out.

Steps to Remove Shoe Stain from Carpets

  • Take a bucket full of warm water and damp that area so that the rigidity of the stain marks reduces. Post that, the process of getting rid of the stain marks will get easy.
  • Throw in a fistful of detergent in that area and keep the area soaked in soapy solution. Keeping it standstill for a while will help you to remove the intensity of the stain and after that you can rub that area mildly. Care needs to be taken that the carpet material does not get spoilt.
  • Leave it free for some time so that the area can get dried up easily and post that you can vacuum that place to get rid of the some of the leftover dust particles.

These are some of the easiest steps that the carpet cleaning services available in Perth can apply.