Natural Ways To Deodorize A Fridge

Fridge cleaning has never been a pleasing chore for anybody. To take out all that food, off with the shelves, washing them and the having to put them all back! And after all these, you might find yourself stuck with that same stink by the end of a week. Whew!

Here are some natural tips that can keep that smell at bay.

Make sure to throw away rotten and stale food. Do not buy and store in excess. Curb and control the temptation ever time you go grocery shopping. If you are seeing a bowl of food for quite some time, remember it is high time that it needs to be eaten, cooked, frozen or just thrown away.

Do not keep your food uncovered in the fridge. Remember they need to be sealed properly before storage. You would not want to be reminded of the last weekend’s dinner every time you open the fridge door.

Set the temperature of the fridge accurately. Too high a temperature will freeze your food and too low a temperature can make your food rot and stink.

You can fill a bowl with baking soda, and place it in a corner of the fridge. Baking soda has the ability to absorb smell and get rid of excess moisture too. It can surely deodorize your fridge.

Dip small cotton balls in vanilla extract. You can dilute your essential oil of your choice too. Dip the balls in the solution and place them on a shelf on a plate or a bowl. This way you will be greeted with the smell of your choice when you open the fridge door.

Oats help too. Placing a bowl full of oats on a shelf in the fridge can help in absorbing the sale smell of food and keep your fridge fresh.

Though onions have a bad repute to strong smell emission, they work wonders as fridge deodorizer. Cut an onion in half and place in the fridge. It will absorb any foul smell and excess moisture too.

At stores you will find people sniffing at coffee grounds to distinguish the smell while choosing perfumes. Coffee grounds help in distinguishing smells and suck in bad smells too, when placed in the fridge.

These easy tips can deodorize your fridge and minimal expenses. If you need any professional advice and help for any domestic cleaning services in Perth,