Tips Suggested On Proper Maintenance Of Drainage System

As we try to discard harmful, unwanted things, to make our lives hassle free, same thing applies in the case of proper drainage system to make the network easy flowing. It is to be kept in mind that the proper drainage system is like maintaining the proper network of arteries from the point of view of health and hygiene.

Dumping wrong things in the drain not only clogs the drainage system but also can cause harm to your property, and pollutes the neighboring environment.

Hence the following tips are suggested to get the drainage system perfect shape.

  • After effects of heavy rain and storm : During downpours, dirts, filths, fallen leaves etc are accumulated in drains thereby clogging the drainage system. This is because the drainage system is designed; keeping in mind certain expected volumes of water. If the volume of water flow is more than the capacity designed, clogging takes place.
  • Breakage in the system : Broken, ruptured pipes can be a culprit of the blockage . Due to breakage in the piping system, sufficient water cannot flow thereby causing blockage in the system. Pipes may break due to poor design, improper sloping and installation defect. Underground detection and repairing (costly affair) is needed to make the system running in extreme cases.
  • Foreign objects and debris : Baring health conscious people, few people without considering the consequences throw materials like vegetable peels, soaps, residual food stuff etc in drains (a punishable offense) instead of proper litter bins. This can often cause the drain blockage. Toilet sewage system often gets blocked due to heavy accumulation of toilet papers, sanitary items etc. when flushing system doesn’t work properly. Hair is also a culprit to cause clogging. Long strands of hair dropped during the process of shampooing flows down the drain pipes. It gets caught on the way of flow system which ultimately gives a snowballing effect — clogging. Hence a hair trapper/ catcher to be put on the drain scupper to prevent clogging. Plastics, polythenes and other non-biodegradable products should always be dumped in trash bins instead of throwing on the drain.
  • Contra flow fluids : Heavy liquids like grease, rich gravies and semi viscous materials should not be thrown either in sinks or drains. This will cause the clogging of drainage system. It always better to use a separate plastic zip bag to throw these items for proper disposal later.


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