Tips to Clean Your Fridge Naturally

A filthy stinking fridge not only denotes the mentality and nature of the fridge owner, but also it is the culprit of spoiling the food stuffs inside. A health conscious person will not allow his/her fridge to get dirty.

Spillages, over-ripened food stuffs etc help to form mold, bacteria which are the culprits for food poisoning. Besides that, the stink will spoil the flavor/aroma of the choices dishes and will irritate the taste buds of the gourmet.

Removing all the food stuffs, cleaning the each compartment, shelves etc and putting back all the items in proper place are a pain staking job for a thorough cleaning. However for the sake of safety and to maintain the quality of foods cleaning is mandatory.

Following are the tips that will help to clean your fridge naturally:

  • Between the cleaning procedures, put a box of baking soda with lids open in the back of the refrigerator to drive out the foul smell. Every 3 months the soda box should be changed.
  • It is not advisable to keep your food uncovered inside the fridge. The container with the food should be properly sealed before storage.
  • Keep cotton balls soaked in vanilla extract solution or essential oils according to your choice) on a plate inside the shelf. You will be greeted with a soothing aroma, the moment you open the door.
  • Spillages should be wiped out immediately, especially from raw meat juices. Defrost meat on the bottom shelf in a covered container. This will reduce the chance of any spillages and cross contamination. Specially formulated kitchen cleaning products are available in the market. Spillages, should be checked daily.
  • Place a bowl of oats in the fridge shelf. Oats acts an absorbent of foul smell and will help to keep your food fresh.
  • Make a mixture of 2cups of hot water and 2tablespoons of baking soda. With a sponge soaked in this solution, wipe the shelves from top to bottom.
  • If your refrigerator door is annexed with shelving space and is regularly used, make sure to clean the fridge doors regularly either with a chemical cleaner or a milder one.
  • Strictly check the expiry date of any perishable item before placing them back on the fridge.
  • Temperature of the fridge should be set accurately according to the climatic condition. Too low a temperature will freeze your food and temperature beyond normal can spoil the food.

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